Pharnacia sp. "Halcon"

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Pharnacia sp. "Halcon" Empty Pharnacia sp. "Halcon"

Message  gopala le Mer 29 Juin - 22:35

Pharnacia sp. "Halcon" (Mt. Halcon, Mindoro Island, Philippines)
  • F1 generation
  • females up to 18.5 cm long
  • feed on bramble, oak, Salal
  • very easy to culture
  • price: 20 eggs = 10 Euros
  • care sheet - with many photos

Other phasmid species which I have available at the moment:
  • Megaphasma denticrus "Lafayette"
    Marmessoidea rosea "Tapah Hills"
    Achrioptera fallax
    Achrioptera punctipes punctipes
    Achrioptera punctipes cliquennoisi (only few eggs left)
    Mnesilochus sp. "Mt. Halcon"
    Pharnacia ponderosa "Samar"
    Lobolibethra sp. "Tinga Maria"

For more informations about these species (care sheets, photos and prices), please see:
all available phasmid species

Shipping Informations
· packaging + shipping costs (registered shipment) = 5 Euros (within Europe), 8 Euros (outside Europe)
· shipment against advance payment only
· shipment will be labeled as "stick insect eggs" within Europe !

· Feedback about me on
· I am also happy to exchange, against new phasmid species which are of interest for me........

if you are interested, please write me an email:

all the best
Bruno Kneubuehler (Switzerland)

Pharnacia sp. "Halcon" F83F754549A36728667825B82C023E41
Pharnacia sp. "Halcon" 5860AF52EAC5E108AC03796A8E733752
Pharnacia sp. "Halcon" 53936F2B085F5E998CF722F8FCBE37A3

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