my final offer for 2013 ....

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my final offer for 2013 .... Empty my final offer for 2013 ....

Message  gopala le Jeu 26 Sep - 13:54

Final Shipping Day 2013 is on 17. October
Sales Discount - additional 15% discount for each order on 17th October

The species mentioned below won't be available again in 2014. Yet they
are easy to breed and their food plants are readily available, even
during the Europan winter

bramble (Rubus spp.)

......Phryganistria sp. "Tam Dao" - very big species, colorful males
......Phyllium sp. "Cat Tien" - a new species from Vietnam
......Hesperophasmatini sp. "Samana" - a new genus from the Dominican Republic
......Pterinoxylus perarmatus "Tigre" - knobby females
......Dimorphodes sp. "Misool" - males with nicely colored wings, bulky females
......Phasma gigas "Jailolo" - very massive and big species
......Haaniella sp. "Sibayak" - new Haaniella species from Sumatra
......Lonchodini sp. "Cuc Phong" - probably a new genus from Vietnam
......Medaurini sp. "Cat Tien" - new genus from Vietnam with interesting egg-laying behaviour
......Phanocles costaricensis - a big species from Costa Rica

Hypericum spp.

......Asceles sp. "Cat Tien" - well flying species with very long eggs

bramble (Rubus spp.) and Hypericum spp.

......Melophasma antillarum "Guadeloupe" - the cutest species ever in culture

privet (Ligustrum spp.)

......Pseudophasma sp. "Bolivia" - ornamental species

bramble (Rubus spp.) and Salal (Gaultheria shallon)

......Phasmotaenia lanyuehnsis - a big species from Taiwan

bramble (Rubus spp.) and fern

......Calynda coronata - from Costa Rica

  • for all informations about these species (care sheets, photos, prices) - please see:
    all phasmid species
  • shipping costs (registered) = 5 € (Europe), 7 € (outside Europe)
  • shipping costs (non-registered) = 2 € (Europe), 5 € (outside Europe)
  • your payment options are Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union or by letter
  • exchange is very welcome, against new phasmid species which are of interest to me
  • Feedback about me

How to order eggs ?
please fill in and submit the Order Form, which you find here too

all the best
Bruno Kneubuehler (Switzerland)

Phyllium sp. "Cat Tien" (adult female)

my final offer for 2013 .... 9615785664_2bccaef2ce_c

Asceles sp. "Cat Tien" (adult female)

my final offer for 2013 .... 9615934462_8855a73106_c

Medaurini sp. "Cat Tien" (adult female)

my final offer for 2013 .... 9184605850_97cb8cedf7_c

Pseudophasma sp. "Bolivia" (adult female)

my final offer for 2013 .... 9518442716_edc0343f18_c

Phryganistria sp. "Tam Dao" (adult male)

my final offer for 2013 .... 8937142698_1a178dc849_c

Dimorphodes sp. "Misool" (adult male)

my final offer for 2013 .... 8581285295_1da5578d81_c

Hesperophasmatini sp. "Samana" (adult female)

my final offer for 2013 .... 9615963930_e2d35cf6d9_c

Melophasma antillarum "Guadeloupe" (adult couple)

my final offer for 2013 .... 9529851341_3a6ce988d6_c

Haaniella sp. "Sibayak" (adult female)

my final offer for 2013 .... 7807080888_e1343fc01b_c

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