eggs of different new or rarely cultured phasmid species

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eggs of different new or rarely cultured phasmid species

Message  gopala le Sam 16 Juil - 11:20

Phasmid Eggs - new additions

·.. Calvisia conicipennis "Mulu".... (bark-like, contrasty colored species, easy Hypericum)
·.. Dajaca napolovi "Ba Vi".... (small, sturdy species from Vietnam)
·.. Lopaphus albopunctatus "Ba Vi".... (colorful, grazile species from Vietnam, feed on bramble)
·.. Marmessoidea quadriguttata "Kubah" .... (colorful winged species)
·.. Medaurini sp. 2 "Ba Vi".... (species with big lobes and very long eggs, easy on bramble)
·.. Micadina sp. 1 "Ba Vi".... (colorful, winged, active species)

other species which are still available:

·.. Bactrododema hecticum "Windhoek".... (winged, big african species, feed on bramble and Salal)
·.. Lonchodes sp. "Ba Be".... (rather colorful males, very easy on bramble)
·.. Lonchodes sp. "Imugan Falls".... (Philippines, very easy on bramble)
·.. Ophicrania palinurus "Bagacay".... (colorful, Philippine species, feed on palm leaves)
·.. Phaenopharos  sp. "Kirirom".... (medium-sized species with red microwings, feed easily on bramble)
·.. Phryganistria grandis "Cham Chu".... (huge species from Vietnam, rather colorful males, easy on bramble)
·.. Phyllium jacobsoni (Nongkodjadjar).... (small species, very easily on bramble)
·.. Pseudosermyle sp. "Cuetzalan".... (small, mexican species, feed easily on bramble)
·.. unident. ABC "Nui Chua".... (rather colorful, easy on bramble)

>..all informations  (prices, links to care sheets and photos) for all offered species
Bruno Kneubuehler   (Switzerland)
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